Eric Bergerson

Deborah, I’ve owned a house in Tahoe Donner for 6 years and worked with over a dozen contractors on various projects in that time. There’s a lot of talented contractors who do good work up there (Ryan included) but Ryan is the most professional, courteous and prompt one I’ve worked with. Just to set your mind at ease, the quality of his work is top notch. With that out of the way, I’ll tell you that the reason I always use him now is that he’s fast, professional and responsive in a way that no other Truckee contractor I’ve worked with is. He always calls back before anyone else, his bid always the lowest or at least very competitive and he shows up when he says he’s going to show up and gets the work done. Most Truckee contractors aren’t like that at all. He put in a storage loft for me in my garage while I was out of town just a few weeks ago and not only did he do an excellent job, (and finished it in a single day I think) he swept out my garage for me when he was done. I don’t even call other contractors anymore and get multiple bids cuz the last few times Ryan’s had the job finished before the other guys even returned my call.

Sorry if I’m going on too long here, it’s just that after having many frustrating experiences with lots of Truckee contractors it’s been such a pleasure to deal with one who’s as on it professionally as he is. If you’d like to talk further go ahead and call my # below and I’d be happy to expand on this, but I can’t recommend highly enough that you work with him.

Oh yeah, and to more specifically answer your question about what he’s done for me, in addition to building that storage loft he’s done a lot of interior and exterior wood refinishing and building for me-extremely finish grade stuff like redoing my front door after a few years of UV and water damage had really made it look terrible.

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